Automation and Control

Solar renewable energy systems are becoming part of everyday life.

Development of various technologies has allowed the creation of sufficiently powerful and reliable power generation systems to meet the needs of an individual house or cottage, without being connected to the electrical grid.

When the Photovoltaic Solar System is already installed and producing energy, a reasonable question arises, what is the system operating effeciency, and how effectively is the produced energy utilized? The ideal case of energy utilization, energy that is produced by solar panels, is when the energy is directly and immediately being used by power devices and the batteries are steadily charged for minimal future use.

Monitoring tools allow to closely observe the operation of Solar Enegry Producing station and receive real time information about the quality and quantity measurements.

It is not enought though to just receive the information, such information should be correctly used. The human can not constantly monitor the measurements about the energy production, such responsibility should be charged to machines and automation control systems.

Automation control systems allow constant overview of Solar Energy Production station productivity and with atmost effectiveness utilize the generated energy.

To make the most out of home Solar Power Installation the company Rosstek Ltd. developed an automated system for the distribution of electricity for for individual stand-alone residential houses equipped with Off-grid photovoltaic system. Electricity distribution system design for Off-grid Photovoltaic Systems in individual residential buildings is designed on the principle of "Smart House".