Rosstek Energy MAID System

Rosstek Energy Management And Intelligent Distribution System.


These days renewable energy is being integrated more and more in our planet's infrastructure. We have many ways of harvesting renewable energy, most common being electro solar Photovoltaics, salt based thermal solar, wind powered turbines, sea tides underwater flow collectors. All these renewable energy generators have one thing in common: they produce electrical energy directed at immediate consumption. The ability of temporary storing the energy for future use is an additional system which adds to the total cost of the system and it is rarely cost efficient.

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Increasing the efficiency of Off-grid (Autonomous) Photovoltaic Systems

Increasing the efficiency of Off-grid (Autonomous) Photovoltaic Systems and maximizing the utilization of solar energy by controlling the electrical equipment in the autonomous controlled environment.

Solar renewable energy systems are becoming part of everyday life.

Development of various technologies has allowed the creation of sufficiently powerful and reliable power generation systems to meet the needs of an individual house or cottage, without being connected to the electrical grid.

Off-grid photovoltaic Stand Alone (Autonomous) Electric Systems are designed for independent power supply of individual residences. Such systems create a separate standalone electricity supply network with compliant standard 230V AC 50 Hz and can usually provide consumers with a range of capacities from 10 to 10,000 Watts. Off-grid Photovoltaic System converts sunlight into electricity and store it in batteries for later use.

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